The Centre will provide a safe environment, housing with services, and will address the women and children’s physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs. To assist the male, supportive counselling to address the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs will be provided on a non-residential /outreach basis.


Residential For Women & Children

  • Accommodations from overnight to 50 days, subject to clients needs and the Centre’s policy.
  • Basic needs – we provide food, emergency clothing and personal hygiene necessities.
  • Ongoing supportive counselling & advocate services to appropriate resources.

Non-Residential Services

  • Walk-in supportive counselling for women & men.
  • Advocate services to appropriate resources.
  • Mens Support Group – Wednesday Evenings (7-9pm).
  • 24 Hour Crisis Line, available within Manitoba Region.
  • Clothing Depot.
  • Public Education presentations (on request) in an effort to promote an awareness about the issues of family violence.
  • Family Violence & Anger Management Program
  • Feasts
  • Art Therapy
  • Clothing & Household Give Aways

Teaching of Love

Week One – Self Awareness: Who Am I?
In this week, you will be looking at who you are, your gifts, and strengths.


Teaching of Respect

Week Two (AM) – Family Origin
By visiting your genogram and upbringing, you will begin to understand how your history impacted your choices and affected you today.

Week Two (PM) – Anger Management
You will learn skills and tools to treat yourself and others with respect and dignity


Teaching of Courage

Week Three (AM) – Family Violence
You will look at what is abuse and the types of abuses and how each has affected your sense of safety and self-esteem.

Week Three (PM) – Anger Management
You will look at anger triggers and develop alternative ways to deal with them in a positive way.


Teaching of Honesty

Week Four – What is Sexual Abuse?
You will look at the intervention and prevention strategies you may take and explore what healthy sexuality means to you.


Teaching of Wisdom

Week Five – Loss & Grieving
You will look at the experiences of different losses and how each has effected you.


Teaching of Humility

Week Six – Our Little People
You will look at the effects on children who witness family violence and being our children’s advocates


Teaching of Truth

Week Seven – Self Care & Empowerment
You will create your own Wellness Wheel to live “Mino Pimatiswin”, a Good Life